Danijela Gazdić  finished elementary music school ”Vojislav Vuchkovich” in Sarajevo in the class professor Desanka Olenjuk, and secundary music school ”dr Miloje Milojevich” in Kragujevac in the class professor Radomir Tomic. Danijela  Gazdić finished her basic studies at the state conservatorium ”P. I. Tchaikovsky” at Kiev in 1995, in the class of professor V. V. Besfamiljnoff with She defended her master theses at the National Music Academy of Ukraine, in Kiev, in 1997, in the class of the academician N. A. Davidoff.  In 1998,  Danijela started working at the Music Academy of East Sarajevo and she creates Accordion Department, where she teaches as a full professor, and also she is Head of the Accordion Department. 

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