Danijela Gazdic finished elementary music school ''Vojislav Vuchkovich'' in Sarajevo in the class professor Desanka Olenjuk, and secundary music school ''dr Miloje Milojevich'' in Kragujevac in the class professor Radomir Tomic. Danijela Gazdić finished her basic studies at the state conservatorium ''P. I. Tchaikovsky'' at Kiev in 1995, in the class of professor V. V. Besfamiljnoff with She defended her master theses at the National Music Academy of Ukraine, in Kiev, in 1997, in the class of the academician N. A. Davidoff. In 1998, Danijela started working at the Music Academy of East Sarajevo and she creates Accordion Department, where she teaches as a full professor, and also she is Head of the Accordion Department. From the very beginning of her work at the Academy she has achieved numerous important pedagogical results. Students from her class have been gaining a significant number of special, first, second and third prizes both at local as well as at international competitions and festivals (Republic of Srpska and B&H, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Ukraine, Austria, Russia). Apart from pedagogical activities, Danijela has also participated in concerts. She has held her solo concerts in Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia as well as in different towns in Republic of Srpska and B&H. Danijela has also a rich experience in concerts with other artists, not only in music, but also in other areas of scene creation. For the purpose of illustrating the accordion as an academic instrument with a rich arsenal of acoustic and performative possibilities recorded a CD ''Memories'' where they recorded works of various authors and styles. As a result of years of concert activities in the field of chamber music has made a selection and editorial part for flute and accordion, violin and accordion and voice and accordion, which is published in a collection entitled ''The concert repertoire of chamber music - I''. Danijela participated in works of different local and international juries (Coupe Mondiale, Trophee Mondiale, Festival music slovenian, Accordeon Art) different competition in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Greece, China, Italy, Austria and Russia. She is a professional accordion literature reviewer and a cooperator in many commissions of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska. She was the Head of the Accordion Department (since 2000. to 2011. and since 2015.), and afterwards the Vice – dean for scientific - research and artistic work (since 2005. to 2007.) at the Music Academy in East Sarajevo. Her pedagogical and artistic work as well as activities on spreading music culture and spirituality has been rewarded with various plaques by the Music Academy, this praise from music schools in the country and abroad (Republic of Srpska and B&H, Serbia, Austria, Macedonia, Russia). Danijela has also been rewarded by the Plaque for the most successful woman in 2006.
Danijela Gazdic
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